Mobilize Your Storage with Cool Casters


Transporting large quantities of books or other small items can be a hassle. Especially when you have to first locate a box or cart, remove the items from your shelf and place them in a new location. But why add extra work for yourself when you can move the items using their current storage? The following steps will guide you through the process of adding swivel plate casters to a small bookcase.
1. Turn your furniture item upside down and locate where your casters are going to go
2. Place one caster over its intended position and hold the swivel plate while you mark the location for each hole
3. Remove the caster and drill pilot holes, ensuring the drill bit is approximately half the diameter of your screws

4. Position the caster over the holes and use the provided screws to affix the caster to your bookcase

Repeat steps two through four and you have a fully mobile storage area! Once you are enjoying your customized bookcase, it would be awesome if you shared a photo with us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. We love seeing your completed projects!

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