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Casters have been around since, well, the invention of the wheel. They are quite useful for making otherwise immovable objects easy to move around. For eons, casters were simple, ugly, functional devices, something about which one would give little or no thought. That all changed in 2004 when was introduced.

Our desire was to convert the common caster into a statement piece where the design decision begins. You can take four of our little gems and transform an otherwise ordinary piece of furniture into something extraordinary. is the original leader in designer casters. No longer are casters just an afterthought, they can now be the center of attention. We challenge you to challenge yourself and push the limit on design capability. Cool Casters can be fitted onto nearly any piece of furniture or office chair. Every caster in our line is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. And it won’t break the bank to put a little e-motion into your furniture! Thank you for shopping at

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Furniture Casters

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